VR Simulation
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Here at Equinox Sim we pride ourselves on being at the top of our game, providing the customer with the most up to date technology in Virtual reality simulation. All of our simulation processes will be using the best in VR tech to allow the most accurate data and realistic experience to be absorbed before walking out of the door. Our goal is for you to gain knowledge and understanding in the most cost effective and efficient processes possible.

With regular advances in the quality and precision of virtual reality, our technology offers the state of the art racing experience that allows even the most learned driver to practice and fine-tune their skills in a realistic environment.


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Using VR here at Equinox HQ, you are enveloped within the realism of any Simulation experience. The environment that you will have access to using our VR technology will be on par with your next outing in a physical car on circuit. Having use of VR will give you a far better understanding of the car and circuit motion compared to regular projection or screened simulator experiences. Through our virtual reality you will feel as if you are in fact racing in reality. From accurate car rotation pinpointing your next input to correct track undulations and mapping giving you the very best in understanding the circuits characteristics and well, every element of the driving experience is of premium quality.

Our aim is for you to gain as much real life experience and knowledge possible, enhancing this greatly using our constructive VR platform here you can achieve the best goals in the most safe and efficient manner possible.


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Find us: Unit 22, Lamberhurst Farm, Dargate, Faversham, ME13 9EP