Data Analysis
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Our data software has multiple channels of data that allow us to track in real-time your circuits. With continuous graphs, data can be retrieved down to the tenth of a second which, in motorsport, can be crucial information. This means that every aspect of your driving technique is tracked and monitored which is incredibly useful for training and driver development.

Through your driver feedback and our multiple streams of data through our analysis software we are able to sift through your inputs and breakdown the good points and areas where we can make improvements. By analysing your data using our Motec data software we can actively ensure your processes are correct and discuss with guidance from our team on how we can generate essential improvement.


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The Equinox facility provides any driver with all the required tools they need to improve their overall driving outcome. From our Sim operators and engineers to our driver coaching we can ensure all elements are met to provide excellent grounds for improvement.

Every session you will have an engineer and driver coach on hand to enhance your learning capabilities but we would also like to encourage you to bring any current engineers or drivers coaches with you. Looking at the overall outcome we want to work with your team to provide a winning combination.


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  • Hi Resolution/ hi refresh rates Virtual Reality headset – providing the most real in car experience possible
  • Extremely accurate highest performance force feedback steering motor
  • Options for gear change – Manual or paddle shift gear selection
  • 2 way radio headset communication from engineer/ coach to driver
  • Surround sound
  • Adjustable seating and pedal positions for the drivers needs
  • Live data through our telemetry desk with full data analysis software


Find us: Unit 22, Lamberhurst Farm, Dargate, Faversham, ME13 9EP