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The simulator makes use of the latest generation of VR headset, direct drive force feedback steering and real feel adjustable pedals, married to the latest iteration of simulation software.

This technology means drivers and teams can do real development and setup work with the confidence of that translating well to the real car. This approach saves money on track testing and/or the ability to test in championships that restrict it.

We’ll encourage you to work in the simulator the way you would at a track, including running through warm up procedures, short qualifying simulations and longer race runs.


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Our simulator is run by experienced racing drivers and engineers and we are there to help you get the most out the session, whether that’s coaching your driving style or working with you on setup.

We can provide you with performance data, and videos of your session to take away and make use at the circuit with the real car. Over time comparing real car data with simulator data can help both your performance in the real car and our ability to fine tune the simulator model to more accurately represent the real car.

Additionally, we can run a lap time simulation program that accurately predicts the ultimate performance of a given set of car physics. This predicted data can be used to provide an ultimate target for your performance.


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Our simulator is entirely run by professional racing drivers and experts that can deliver elite driver training. Having worked with teams throughout the UK to train drivers both young and old, our technicians know exactly how to assist you in your driving development.

With full data analysis, from driving lines to breaking habits, we can offer advice and the opportunity to grow your ability as a driver. The beauty of the simulator is that you can make mistakes in order to learn and improve without it damaging your vehicle or affecting your statistics.

If you work with a trainer and engineers already, they are more than welcome to join in with your session and help you get the most out of the simulation experience.


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Find us: Unit 22, Lamberhurst Farm, Dargate, Faversham, ME13 9EP